AUREUS XV – Compact Maxi Yacht for hedonists

We are pleased to present Aureus XV - a light, fast sailing yacht, built from carbon fibers and vacuum infused epoxy resin for minimal weight and optimal rigidity, giving great performance. This yacht is 15 meters (50 feet) long and was developed to bring all the comfort of a maxi yacht, a contemporary urban design and discreet luxury to a boat on a human scale. This yacht’s “push button” technology, with its hydraulic and electric systems, means you can perform all manoeuvres alone at the helm, guaranteeing perfect control and extreme sensations for more intimate, hedonistic journeys.


Refined high quality furniture and accessories complement the clean lines of Aureus XV sailing yacht for an exciting aesthetic experience.  Designed by Wouter Scheublin, the collection includes some unusual and strongly styled items with a nostalgic elegance, sometimes bucking the trends of today - such as the vinyl disk storage unit, a gem of ingenuity and style. The materials used - wood, leather and carbon - harmonise perfectly with those used in manufacturing Aureus XV yacht and are of the highest craftsmanship. The entire collection is hand made to order and can be customised in a choice of finishes.