To offer a lifestyle at sea to match that of modern life, Aureus XV has benefited from the talents of a recognised designer. Eric Benqué comes from a generation of designers who are able to combine a taste for luxury and the elegance of clean lines with an environmental awareness that induces him to make minimal use of materials, and preferably refined and durable ones.


The pursuit of perfection is not a matter of chance: it is a single-minded quest for quality. In the design of the interior features of Aureus XV, everything has been thought out in this spirit. The refined details and finishes, and the use of durable materials (leather, carbon, engineered fabrics, oak and stainless steel have ousted plastics and Formica) together with the sophistication of built-in kitchen equipment rich in features  

will satisfy the most demanding hedonists and aesthetes. Lighting, heating and acoustics too have all received special attention to ensure unprecedented comfort on board. New technologies have been incorporated in the design of Aureus XV right from the start to give you a trouble-free communication and Internet facilities everywhere you sail.


A lively elegance would be an apt way to describe the shape of Aureus XV. Fifty feet of sleekness create an incisive boat to slice through the waves, with lines that owe much to a deliberate emancipation from rating rules. This elegance can be felt in the comfort and ergonomy of the boat too.

The height of the freeboard affords a very comfortable interior living space and the uncluttered deck makes moving around safe and easy. All manoeuvres are performed from the helm station and for those who are not on duty, a generous sunbathing area at the stern provides an opportunity for relaxation.

Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

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