Mast and boom
in carbon, ROD rigging

A sailing boat's power is determined by the power of its sails. A high mast is needed to optimise the sail area aloft, where the wind is stronger and more stable. On the other hand, the weight towards the head of the sail must be minimal to limit listing and pitching and to reinforce the keel righting (i.e. to limit the inclination of the boat for a given sail area). The optimal solution is a carbon mast. We offer masts in standard modulus or high modulus carbon. Aureus XV Absolute is therefore equipped with a "high modulus" mast which is stiffer and thus lighter for a given strength than standard "low modulus" carbon, and is much lighter than an aluminium mast. ROD rigging and a textile backstay have been added to further lower the top weight and to maximise power.