The sails 

Aureus Yachts offer a large sail wardrobe for the Aureus XV: a 75 m2 mainsail, 45 m2 self-tacking genoa, 55 m2 overlapping genoa, 115 m2 code 0 and a 210 m2 asymmetric spinnaker. The sail plan is designed to make handling easier, alone or with a reduced crew. For example, the main sail is equipped with 3 automatic reefs, while boasting a large reserve of power, and all manoeuvres are controlled from the helm stations by electric or hydraulic power. Close-hauled under full sail, Aureus XV boasts a ratio of over 10 m2 of sail per tonne, guaranteeing high performance in all weathers and an exciting time at the helm. The "heavy" sails are available in D4 membrane, Hydranet or Kevlar (Code 0).