Customer Support – Making your sailing project a success.

Customer Support is one of the key ingredients of happy sailing experiences. Owning a sailing yacht is a long-term thing, and a proper maintenance of your boat is a guaranty of maximizes its value on the second hand market. To us, offering a thoughtful customer service is the best way to build long-term relationship with our clientele.

Customer Support is one of the most important and influential departments within Aureus Yachts. Quality is only achieved if it flows all over the duration of one ownership, from the building upon order, to the delivery, the follow-up, assistance and cooperation in the selling process and finally the maintenance.

We do not rely on a network of independent agents to commercialize our yachts. A member of the Sales team in La Rochelle directly assists each prospect. We invite our future customers to visit the factory and discover how we work. We then work through the ideal specifications, options and colours, according to our guest’s project. A dedicated Project Manager and the Sales Representative assist you all along this preliminary visit. At any time of that visit, our technicians and engineers are available to discuss personalisation matters. This way, we have an optimized approach for the definition of the yacht’s specifications and we can come out with a sailing yacht that will really meet the needs of our future customer.

We feel that a direct talk between our customers and our core team is the best way to ensure that every aspect of the customer needs and concerns get the proper attention.
At Aureus Factory, we’ve helped dozens of owners to realize their dream and make the best of their boats, whether they are catamarans (we build the Catana 42 in cooperation with Catana Shipyard, fast catamarans built for offshore voyages) or monohulls like the Aureus XV.

At each stage of the building process, we are happy to receive our customers and show them what is done. Those intermediary visits are the perfect occasion for our customers to learn more about how their boat is manufactured and about the link between the main systems of the boat. During the whole construction process, the customers have at their disposition a dedicated person to answer their questions and plan their visits.

When comes the delivery, we spend a week with each of our owners sailing in the La Rochelle area, to explain and demonstrate all the manoeuvres and systems of the boat. Our key technicians (electrician, plumber, mechanic) will attend a few sessions to demonstrate everything inside the boat that has to be known by the new Aureus Yacht’s owner. We can supply translators at any steps of this process. After demonstrations and explanations of the systems, we finally go through the lists of spares and the safety equipment.
We are always happy to also sail away with our customers on their first passage if it helps to run a more stress-free handover, so do not hesitate to ask for it.
With our customer, we prepare a plan for maintenance intervention and potential requests for assistance. As in our selling process, we prefer to handle after-sales service directly, with our core team. Those who are part of this team all know each boat perfectly, and some of them have participated to the construction. This is the best guaranty for a quick and efficient intervention. In the meantime, the project manager keeps following the boat and its evolutions. He is then able to answer ever faster to any technical request knowing the history of the boat.
Depending of the boat’s location, we close a deal with a local partner, a professional boat builder or maintenance specialist. For minor interventions, we will rely on them for a quicker response. This, typically, is useful for systems maintenance (engine, air-conditioning, hydraulic, etc…). If our customer has already a professional he trusts in his navigation area, we will try to make a partnership with this professional for basic maintenance.
Wherever they are, customers only have to call or email their dedicated Project Manager and he or she will launch assistance. We will contact directly a local yard, and make sure of his ability to meet your requirements and provide solutions happen quickly. If the any assistance is needed for main systems, we contact the manufacturer (our supplier) on our customer’s behalf to arrange the assistance. We work with the best equipment manufacturers and they all have a worldwide network for assistance.

We are here to make our customer’s navigation projects succeed and we take it seriously!