Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

Where can I see the Aureus XV?

The first Aureus XV is currently completing her navigation program and will be back in France in June 2014. We are planning several sea trials in the south of France this summer, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in participating.

From September 9 to 14, 2014 the Aureus XV Absolute will also be presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Come to visit us at the Old Port of Cannes - Quay Saint Pierre - QSP 055.

To visit our shipyard, book a sea trial, or to get an invitation to the Cannes Boat Show, please contact us.


Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

What is the price of an Aureus XV ?

The Aureus XV is available from € 659,000 ex VAT. In its basic configuration, the Aureus XV is manufactured using vacuum infusion and made of a fiberglass / PVC / epoxy resin sandwich. Starting with the basic version, all yachts are furnished with a leather and wood interior, TV-HI-FI / Working Desk space, 2 cabins plus the dedicated technical cabine, L-shaped stainless steel kitchen and 2 bathrooms with separate showers. Each Aureus XV is sold with a teak or synthetic teak deck (client’s choice, no extra charge) and an electrical furler for genoa. Equipped with a lacquered aluminum mast and boom, the basic version of the Aureus XV comes with 4 manual winches ST.60, without sails or electronics, leaving the owner the choice of customizing his yacht.

We also propose the "Essential" version equipped for offshore cruising, with sails, electronics, generator and many other options essential for cruising. The hull is carbon-reinforced in the most exposed areas and the mast is made of carbon for enhanced stability. The Aureus XV "Essential" is a turnkey project and is ready to go for offshore cruises, priced at € 844,000 ex VAT.

Finally, for the most demanding sailors and more radical long courses, we propose the "Absolute" version, full of excess. 100% made of carbon/epoxy, the Aureus XV Absolute offers the best equipment of its class, D4 membranes sails and fully automated controls, bringing sailing to the new era. From each helm stations you will control all maneuvers hydraulically or electrically. Total control and performances of pure racers!

For more information about options included in our 3 versions, please contact our sales department in the Contact section.


Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

Where can I buy one?

We sell our sailboats only directly to the clients. We believe that the relationship between the yard and the owners is one of the most important ingredients to achieve satisfaction and quality throughout the life of a yacht. Any interested person may come to visit us in La Rochelle, France, make a sea trial, and discuss with our team the best definition for his yacht. Maintenance and after-sale service are directly assured by our technicians, or by one of our technical partners in the world, wherever the boat is. The boats are delivered in La Rochelle, but we can arrange transportation to most of the harbours in the world.


Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

Is the 3 cabins version possible?

We propose only 2 bedrooms. This yacht is designed for a couple of hedonists to live on board and sail offshore with both high performance and modern urban comfort. The 3rd cabin would not allow us to deliver a luxury standard’s comfort in line with our hedonistic philosophy of travelling.



Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

What is that space in the bottom left corner of the layout?

It is a technical area regrouping equipments like water maker, charger/converter, etc


Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

What are your constructor guarantees?

 For us, the purchase of a boat is not a simple act of buying, but the enduring relationship between our shipyard and our clients, a human adventure based on the exchange of experiences and a constant improvement of the boat. We want to establish a relationship of trust with our customers. So we offer our customers a continuous pre and after sale service and others guarantees:

  • Delivery within 9 months after the project definition. 
  • Guarantee of restitution of deposits for the client's financial peace of mind. 
  • Hull, deck and structure are guaranteed for 5 years. 
  • Hull and deck are delivered with an expert assessment. For each component, clipping samples are sent to a laboratory and their mechanical properties are tested to ensure full composite strength. 
  • A dedicated interlocutor is available to our customers for project tracking. 
  • A one-week handover in La Rochelle is offered; during this week our specialists in electronics and rigging will help you to get to know your boat and its equipment.
  • We establish a regular monitoring of the yacht at a minimum interval of one visit per year, to ensure an ideal navigation experience for you for many years.



Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

Do I need to be an experienced navigator to sail on an Aureus XV? Do I need a crew to navigate?

We chose to centralise all the controls in the cockpit in order to limit the distances travelled on the deck when sailing. Aureus XV can be manned easily by a single person. Of course, you need to know the basics of sailing and international rules. To this end, there are many schools offering courses leading to qualifications, lasting one or two weeks and open to all. Regarding Aureus XV, we offer a one-week training course to explain how the equipment works, maintenance and performing manoeuvres. At the end of this week-long course, the owner or crew will be 100% independent and able to sail effectively and safely. After the course has ended, our team will still be available to answer any sailing questions customers may have. 



Offshore luxury sailing yacht for fast cruising

How effective and safe is a light displacement yacht on an offshore navigation program compared with heavy displacement hulls?

Light displacement versus Heavy displacement sailing yachts is an old and passionate debate in the monohull offshore cruising world. Here you’ll find a whole article we devoted to this theme, with our opinion and 14 keys facts.

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