The AP Yacht Conception Company and the Aureus Yachts brand were born of a desire to overthrow sailing conventions by taking a new look at yachts, combining performance and comfort, enjoyment at sea and urban design, as opposed to the conservative “nautical” design so prevalent in the yachting sector today. We are committed to creating radical boats full of discreet luxury, for hedonists who love travelling and excitement.

Aureus Yachts’ ultra-modern workshops are located in Marans, near La Rochelle. They employ 52 experienced, passionate craftspeople and journeymen. The shipyard has its own carpentry workshop, a composite part production and finishing workshop, a post cure oven for carbon/epoxy parts, and a leatherwork/case-making/carpeting workshop. This way, Aureus Yachts has access to the highest level of skill for complete quality control that borders on the obsessive. We rely on these strong skills in its constant drive to innovate, in all the trades involved in the Aureus production process.

As sailing and travel enthusiasts, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience. For us, the purchase of a boat is not a simple act of buying, but the enduring relationship between our shipyard and our clients. It’s a human adventure based on the exchanges and a constant improvement of the boat and navigation experience. You are welcome to visit and discover our business, our work and, we hope, your future Aureus XV. Every year, we manufacture ten or so units, and the size of our business enables us to offer each customer an effective, personal service with no middlemen, guaranteeing improved responsiveness - the key to a successful relationship.